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How Do You Choose Between Ad Agencies?

Choose Between Ad AgenciesFactors to Help Choose Between Ad Agencies

Over the course of the last couple months, we have been discussing various issues regarding ad agencies. We’ve looked at 11 Reasons To Hire An Advertising Agency Instead Of Going Direct, we discussed the question Should You Hire A Marketing Director Full-Time? (as opposed to outsourcing to an agency), and even delved into How Marketing Agencies Get Paid. The next logical question if you are considering working with an advertising agency is “how do you choose between ad agencies?” How do you decide which agency is best for you?

There are many factors which go into the decision, and some of these factors will be common across most situations and some not-so-obvious. The more common factors include (more…)

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11 Reasons to Hire an Advertising Agency Instead of Going Direct

11 Reasons to Hire an Advertising Agency Instead of Going DirectWhy Hire an Advertising Agency Instead of Going Direct?

One of the questions I get often is why a business owner should hire an advertising agency instead of dealing directly with the various media vendors themselves. They are referring to the website developer, the search engine marketing company, the radio station, etcetera. Business owners often claim that by “going direct”, they save money in agency fees and can stretch their advertising dollars further. While this might make sense on paper, in reality, there are significant inefficiencies and indirect costs associated with “going direct”. (more…)

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Lightyear Marketing Launches PriorityCom.com!

Congratulations to Priority Communications for the launch of their new website www.PriorityCom.com!

Desktop PC screenshot of PriorityCom.com

Desktop PC screenshot
(Click to enlarge)

This site is a highly customized WordPress site with a minimalist design and strong calls to action. Specifically, this site features: (more…)

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