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The Internet Has Made Traditional Advertising Obsolete, Right?

The Internet Has Made TV, Radio and Direct Mail Advertising Obsolete, Right?When I left the radio industry and first started my marketing company in 2007, most of my previous clients wanted me to help them advertise on the Internet. One of the most frequent questions I got was “The Internet has made traditional advertising obsolete, right?”. There was this idea that the Internet was going to make all other marketing channels obsolete and ineffective. This was regularly perpetuated by Internet marketing companies who looked to capitalize on the online craze, regardless of any real evidence that the Internet would replace everything else.

As a result, the Internet was thought of as a marketing “magic pill”. Add the Great Recession into the mix and you have significantly-reduced spending on TV, radio, direct mail (also print) and increased spending on Internet advertising. Now that the dust has settled (has it settled?), we can look back and see that the Internet is important as a foundational marketing channel and works better in addition to traditional advertising. While traditional media outlets have had to make some changes to improve effectiveness and accountability, the reports of the “death of traditional advertising” were highly exaggerated. (more…)

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Should You Hire A Marketing Director Full-Time?

Should You Hire a Marketing Director?Marketing Director vs. Marketing Agency

One question I often get is whether or not a company should hire a full-time marketing director instead of a marketing agency (like Lightyear Marketing Group). The easiest and most self-serving answer would be that, no, you don’t need a marketing director when you can outsource your marketing efforts to a full-service marketing agency. However, there really are some justifiable reasons why a company should hire a full-time director of marketing. So my real answer is a less self-serving and more-vague it depends. And then I’ll follow up that with an even more frustrating answer: you may need both. (more…)

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11 Reasons to Hire an Advertising Agency Instead of Going Direct

11 Reasons to Hire an Advertising Agency Instead of Going DirectWhy Hire an Advertising Agency Instead of Going Direct?

One of the questions I get often is why a business owner should hire an advertising agency instead of dealing directly with the various media vendors themselves. They are referring to the website developer, the search engine marketing company, the radio station, etcetera. Business owners often claim that by “going direct”, they save money in agency fees and can stretch their advertising dollars further. While this might make sense on paper, in reality, there are significant inefficiencies and indirect costs associated with “going direct”. (more…)

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