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What is SEM, SEO, PPC (and all that other alphabet soup)?

What is SEM?So what is SEM exactly, anyway?

I have been in the Internet marketing space for roughly 10 years now including my time at CBS Radio (where we sold a lot of digital). And even though Internet marketing has been around for nearly 20 years, I still find that many of the business owners I meet are still confused about important Internet marketing terminology. Just the other day I was asked by a prospective client “So what is SEM exactly, anyway?”. Most clients have some vague idea that it has to do with getting your website to show up on search engines. Surprisingly that is still about the extent of the overall understanding of SEM.

So, I’ve created a short glossary of the most common Internet marketing terms that are usually abbreviated. My goal with this short list is to clarify some of these abbreviations in layman’s terms. This will be extremely basic for some readers, a refresher for others, and hopefully educational for many.


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