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Who Really Controls Your Company Domain Name?

Who Really Controls Your Company Domain NameBelow I’ve re-posted a painful yet informative article THIS CAN HAPPEN TO YOU: A CAUTIONARY TALE ABOUT YOUR DOMAIN NAME from my sister-agency Spokes Marketing in Baltimore MD. The author poses the question: who really controls your company domain name? Often, the unfortunate answer is “not whom you think it should be”. In fact, I have seen this very thing happen numerous times and even now have a client who is in the process of re-acquiring their own domain.

An Unfortunate But Common Tale

In the Spokes article, the author describes a couple situations where a company has inadvertently lost control of their domain name and, as a result, their website went off-line unexpectedly. This happened because the domain-related emails (warning of an impending expiration) went to either an employee’s email who is no longer with the company, or the deceased company owner’s email after they passed away.

In my experience, there is an even more common situation that leads to a company not having control of their domain name. (more…)

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Pacific Palisades Chamber Meets Member Needs with New Website

The NEW PalisadesChamber.com Home PageNew Website, New Beginning for Palisades Chamber

Lightyear Marketing Group is proud to announce the launch of PalisadesChamber.com, the official website of the Pacific Palisades Chamber of Commerce. The previous site, built over 10 years ago was no longer able to meet the online needs of the Chamber membership. The new website was built from scratch with a completely custom WordPress design.
The entire development process was a collaborative effort between the Palisades Chamber leadership team and Lightyear Marketing Group. (more…)

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Lightyear Marketing Launches PriorityCom.com!

Congratulations to Priority Communications for the launch of their new website www.PriorityCom.com!

Desktop PC screenshot of PriorityCom.com

Desktop PC screenshot
(Click to enlarge)

This site is a highly customized WordPress site with a minimalist design and strong calls to action. Specifically, this site features: (more…)

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Lightyear Marketing unveils PrestigeProtection.net

Screenshot of PrestigeProtection.net from PC

Screenshot from PC

Congratulations to Prestige Protection for the launch of their new website www.PrestigeProtection.net.

This site is a customized WordPress site that also features some added back-end functionality for client interaction. Specifically, this site features (more…)

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