Lightyear Marketing Group Philosophy

The reality of today’s consumer (B2C) and business (B2B) marketing environment has changed. Nearly all TV, Radio, Cable, Print, and other Offline advertising drives significant traffic to the Internet, primarily the search engines. A company must have a robust, well thought-out Internet presence (Online) in order for their Offline advertising dollars to be maximized. A business that sends direct mail pieces, runs TV commercials or magazine ads is wasting a significant amount of their marketing budget if they don’t have a great website and search engine marketing campaign to go along with it. .

Lightyear Marketing Group specializes in integrating your company’s Internet and Offline marketing efforts to ensure maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

We offer integrated marketing solutions in an educationalconsultative, non-pushy manner. Lightyear Marketing Group evaluates your company’s sales process, marketing plan and goals, then provides a customized, strategic marketing solution as appropriate. We believe in always putting the client’s interests first: the client’s interests ARE our interests. We do not have hidden agendas. We believe in telling the business owner the absolute truth as we know it about marketing strategy, required budgets, campaign effectiveness etc. We believe in telling the business owner the truth even if they don’t want to hear it. We also believe in telling the business owner the truth if it make us look bad.

Lightyear Marketing Group Story

Lightyear Marketing Group began in 2007 as TruePresence of West Los Angeles, an Internet marketing consulting firm. This was a response to the demand from the local Los Angeles business community for more cost-effective and accountable advertising. In 2012, Offline advertising solutions and media buying capabilities were added and the name evolved to TruePresence (Los Angeles) and finaly Lightyear Marketing Group in 2013. No matter the name, Lightyear Marketing Group has helped many local and regional businesses grow their revenue via Integrated Internet Marketing and Offline Advertising solutions.

Lightyear Marketing Group provides services using either a fee-based model or a project-based model. A fee-based model is for companies that retain us to develop and execute their marketing strategy on an ongoing basis. This model maximizes our ability to build a cohesive and streamlined marketing program. Our fee-based clients typically hire us for 12 months or more. For those clients who only hire us for one-off projects (build a website, set up an email marketing program, a single direct mail campaign, etc), we charge a flat price or a percentage of the media budget, depending upon the circumstances.