Our Process

The best way for us to provide you with most effective marketing products and services is to have a full understanding of your overall sales process and your current marketing efforts. Once we do have a full understanding, we can create a custom marketing plan based on your specific needs.

The most successful marketing campaigns are based on comprehensive, pre-planned strategies with specific pre-planned goals and tactics. In other words, marketing “as you go” or “by the seat of your pants” rarely produces good results.

Therefore, our marketing process looks like this:

Lightyear Marketing Group: Marketing Process

1. Analysis of your sales process

a. Outbound sales
b. Inbound Sales
c. Referral Marketing
d. Sales Materials
e. Discuss successes and failures

2. Analysis of your current marketing plan

a. Website

i. Analyze Design Responsiveness (viewable on mobile devices?)
ii. Review site structure, layout, and functionality in relation to purpose of site.
iii. Review site graphic design (colors, images, graphics) in relation to purpose of site.
iv. Review site Title(s), Description(s), and Keyword Tags

b. Media

i. Analyze overall marketing spend on : TV, Cable, Radio, Outdoor (Billboards, Benches, etc), Print (newspapers, Yellow Pages) and Direct Mail (mailers, coupons, inserts)

c. Internet

i. Search Engine Optimization
ii. Pay Per Click
iii. Digital Marketing (online banners)
iv. Social Media
v. Content Marketing

d. KPI/Metrics Review

e. Discuss successes and failures

3. Suggest Changes for Website

4. Suggest Ideas, Strategies, and Tactics for Media and Internet Marketing Plans

a. Suggest optimal Media placement
b. Recommend Internet Marketing tactics
c. Demonstrate ways to ensure integration of Media and Internet Marketing tactics.

5. Work with you to create a Strategic Marketing Plan (If no previous marketing plan exists)

a. Develop Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and metrics for evaluating the success of the marketing plan

6. Implement Strategic Marketing Plan

a. Analyze KPI’s and Metrics on a semi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis (depending upon the medium)
b. Analyze overall strategy on a semi-annual basis
c. Make adjustments to marketing tactics and/or strategy as necessary
d. Repeat step 6