Helping your business Find, Get and Keep Customers.


Lightyear Marketing Group is an Internet-centric marketing agency specializing in WordPress website design, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing, email marketing and digital advertising in the Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

Our mission is to help your business Find, Get and Keep customers.

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Who Really Controls Your Company Domain Name?

Below I've re-posted a painful yet informative article THIS CAN HAPPEN TO YOU: A CAUTIONARY TALE ABOUT(read more)

Cutting Edge PPC Technology

Cutting Edge Technology, Proven PPC Methodology

Cutting edge marketing technology is only as effective as the level of expertise of the company employing it.  Lightyear Marketing Group employs the best Pay Per Click technology available on the market with proven success in multiple industries.

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Responsive Design

Marketing-Oriented Design, Responsive Web Technology

Every website is designed with your sales process and Direct Response in mind.  Online brochures simply aren’t effective. Also, Extend your sales process and marketing Reach across every desktop and mobile device with Responsive Website Design.

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Integrated Marketing Strategy

Integrate Effective Online Marketing with Efficient Offline Advertising

Ensure your competition doesn’t steal your TV, Radio, Cable or Print leads away.  Get the absolute maximum effectiveness with your marketing by ensuring a robust presence in the Search Engine Results.

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